This is the second episode of Battle of the Color Box

Synopsis Edit

The results for the challenge are here. Blocks are up for elimination.


The challenge was to create teams for each block . 13/21 blocks did the challenge. Whoever didn't do the challenge will get a strike. White's confessional says "I'm the last colour number but the 1st confession." Lets see the results of the team creations. Red did the challenge incorrectly. Red loses 5 points. Olive provided the email. Teal's submission said "The no matchers" it discourages the team. And saying everyone else gets you no further. Blue's submission was uneven. Magenta won with a perfect 100. Everyblock above the grade 71.76 is immune. You can team swap if you want. Blocks who are under 71.76 or got a strike is up for elimination. Voting ends on September 1, 2017. Next video will be on September 2, 2017. 12 spots are up for re-sign ups. Goodbye and good luck.


Battle of the Color Box (EP

Battle of the Color Box (EP. 1b) (Results 1) (Re-sign ups)

  • Teams are first introduced in this episode
  • One of the blocks who were up for elimination was Midnight
  • White's confessional was the first ironic one.
  • White's confessional was also the first one in Battle of the Color Box
  • Red did the challenge wrong. Making him the first one to do it wrong.
  • This episode points out that in the next episode it will be a triple elimination.
  • Lime could've won.
  • On this episode, Magenta got a full on grade of 100.