Green (Jack Starrett) is a contestant from Battle of the Color Box, which is one of Bumbumjum's favorite blocks. A really nice and congratulating block. Who is also pretty normal. Green is an original character. And is a male. Green's ID is #13. And is in The Jack-O-Lanterns. Green is the second one eliminated. He will be missed. Overall, he is a character worth rooting for.

As of BotCB 4B, his elimination is unfair according to Yellow, Lime, and Magenta. In BotCB 4C, his elimination will be repealed, therefore he will rejoin.

Elimination Table

Episode Votes (Dislikes) Outcome


N/A Immune


N/A Immune


4 (6) Eliminated

Currently Eliminated


Trivia Edit

  • Green's first confessional congratulated Magenta
  • Green is one of Bumbumjum's favorites.
  • He was eliminated in the second holiday themed episode
  • Green was eliminated due to Friday the 13th and triskaidekaphobia. A unlucky number causing him to get more dislikes. If it wasn't for this he wouldn't have been eliminated.