Magenta (Lou FoxyBun) is a contestant from Battle of the Color Box.

Elimination Table

Episode Votes (Dislikes) Outcome


N/A Immune


8 (4) Safe


N/A Immune

Trivia Edit

  • She holds the record for the longest confessional on BotCB. Her confessional is 530 words long.
  • Magenta came up with her best team names, therefore, it was used.
  • She has the most tokens on this camp.
  • Magenta is the first one to get a perfect 100 on a challenge.
  • Green used his confessional to congratulate Magenta.
  • Magenta has been mistaken to be #27 in a episode.
  • She is apart of The Amazons as she got the highest grades in her team.
  • She has 2 Immunity Tokens and 3 Yoyle Tokens.
  • Anthony278 occasionally spells Magenta as Magneta