Mint (Code Named Limey) is a contestant from Battle of the Color Box.

Elimination Table

Episode Votes (Dislikes) Outcome


N/A Immune


N/A Immune


N/A Immune


  • Mint currently has the highest ever given grade of a 107 in the Word Riddle challenge.
  • Mint is the last team leader to sign-up (7/18/2017) in "Battle of the Color Box"
  • Mint is the only color to have their color in their respective team name "The Minty Gradients".
  • Mint admitted that he/she is a rival of Magenta and her team.
  • Mint is a tricker in the Halloween challenge.
  • Mint's tokens include 3 Win Tokens,1 Immunity Token,1 Revenge Token and 3 Yoyle Tokens.